What is BMC (Bulk Molding Compound)?

Bulk moulding compound (BMC) or bulk molding composite is a ready to mold, glass-fiber reinforced thermoset polyester material primarily used in injection molding and compression molding. Developed with targeting precise housing, and it can be expected specific features below.

  • Advanced dimensional accuracy
  • Zero mold shrinkage rate
  • Small linear expansion coefficient
  • Dimensional stability at high temperature and high humidity
  • Thermal deformation temperature of 200 degrees or more

Accurate Chassis

  • Mold and molding technology that enables high-speed filling by vacuum mold
  • Due to non-shrink, it can be expected high dimensional accuracy, dimensional stability, and stable molding quality
  • Able to have rationalized product design by integrating several parts of product
  • Due to similar linear expansion coefficient of metal, it can be combined with metal parts
  • Advanced vibration damping as well as corrosion resistance

Product with high strength, and high stiffness

  • Thinner molding is possible with proprietary technology
  • Able to establish full automatic molding technology

Textured appearance

  • Due to non-shrink feature, it can be expected beautiful, smooth product surface, high dimensional accuracy, and dimensional stability
  • Flame retardant or high heat resistance moldings (150 ℃ or more regular temperature) flame retardant is possible to be made because it is able to high-temperature treatment, such as baking print.