In order to produce high quality mold, we have introduced collaboration tool. Utilized Indonesian domestic and global network, we provide mold design, manufacturing, sale up to customers requirement.
Besides, not only mold designing, but also molding facility and packing facilities are considered for mass production.

Mold designing by collaboration tool

Customer, mold, molding engineer, mold designer can be connect via Collaboration Tool, then blue print is able to be shared even if they are far from each other.
Besides, complete 3D designing is ready by 3D CAD expert.

mirror polishing

We can provide mirror polishing by “material selection” and “know-how of final mirror polishing ”

Mold making by CAD-CAM

Through the in-depth meeting from receiving the data from customer, we do solid designing and DNC three dimensional process as well as two dimensional mold drawing by using data directly.

Careful Mold temperature control

Make the mold design for uniformly and effectively control the temperature distribution.